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It is a musical creation, which is not possible to be written down no by Bartok, neither by the conservatorium notes. The mixture of Katya’s low, tragic and full of jokes voice and lovely melodies of Olya, sounds by Vasya, Vitalik, Serhiy, Yura and Volodya, dances and singing of all of them – all of these is proposed by Hudaki, but it never can be showed by the note signs on a paper.
As we listen to Hudaki, we are whisked away to the Ukrainian Carpathians, where we witness a small transcarpathian village's fortunes and misfortunes.  Old-centuries ballads tell us vital histories about love and treason, friendship and war, as we learn of their age-old traditions and customs.  Although these songs were never recorded, they live on through its people, surviving through centuries with little change.
Hudaki’s sound is distinct, as it harbors an exotic blend of different nationalities and ethnicities, due to Ukrainians, Hungarians, Romanians, and Jews all once living in the Transcarpathian region. This music is therefore eclectic and unusual, as the transcarpathian region has been under the rule of six different countries within the past century.
Village musicians have been playing since 2001. They perform in Kyiv, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, other cities of Ukraine, have numerous tours in Europe (Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Holland, Slovakia, Poland). In 2003 first Cd was completed, in – 2005 – second one, now we are preparing new one...



Members of Hudaki:
Kateryna Yarynych, lead vocal
Olga Senynets, lead vocal
Vasyl Rushchak, baraban (percussion), sopilka
Mykhailo Shutko, violin, vocal
Yuri Bukovynets, clarinet, taragot, sopilka (shepherds flute)
Volodymyr Korolenko, dulcimers
Vitaliy Kovach, guitar, vocal
Serhiy Kovach, bayan, plonka
Volodymyr Tishler, double bass

Repertoir includes old songs and dances from surrounded villages, which are carried from a generation to generation without any note. We play them as they came from the very depth of the history.

Mass-media and friends about «Hudaki»:

If_ro.livejournal.com, May 18, 2007
The Carpathian village band Hudaki under the leading of the Swiss emigrant, cheese-maker and musician Jürgen. Every participant has a couple of names, nationalities, instruments and biographies.
Generous concert in Ivano-Frankivsk:
In avant-garde - leading singer Katya, gifted by fertile bosom, filled with voice, power and challenge. In proportion to bosom goes stereophonic mouth - spring of powerful sound without struggle, megaphone of marvellous status rank.
In background - young rum with button accordion and harsh metallic narrow frequently voice, whose particular noticed modulation that forces through other voices and gives to songs festive anxiety.
Between them - always happy mountain-drum player, whose face follows own instrument.
Right flank violinist with weather-beaten meadow face, that doesn’t like being inside. He uses all possible and impossible functions of violin and applies diverse styles of playing.

www.dzyga.com.ua, May 30 – June 6, 2007
Only stubborn adepts of Russian pop music or people who are not interested in Ukrainian folk haven't heard about "Hudaki". Rural musicians from Transcarpathia for who to go on a tour to Europe is easier than to cross the mountains, band where Austrian Jürgen Kräftner
is hidden under the name "Yura Bukovynets" and for a man from Keerovograd to play the dylcimers is a real achievement. But real essence, voices and hearts of Hudaki are their singing girls Katya Shpeniovych and Senynets Olya. That evening I didn't see any calm and untroubled person.
The soul tried to elapse through skin, embroidered shirt and fly near the ancestors' souls, leaving body to dance folk rhythms. The feeling was like you are on a very real Ukrainian wedding or that you are simultaneously on all weddings that had been already or would be in the far future.
Catchy mountain tunes and centuries of melancholic women's songs: Katya's - deep strong, Olya's - twittering and charming. Dylcimers player Volodya Korolenko dances dashing under the flag of EU, moustached man Tyshler with a smile gives drive on a double-bass, Vasya Rushchak beats wild rhythms on a mountain-drum, Vitalik and Jürgen warble melodies and Misha Shutko plays the violin hiding it behind his back or holding it over his head.
Part of the listeners copies the exotic, original transcarpathian songs to their notebooks, and well-known melodies are accompanied by singing, applause, and shouting and by the chink of glasses. Wedding guests who turn to the guests of "Khmilny Dim (Heady House) of Robert Domes" call the cabs or wait for the Lviv sunrise.

„Badische Zeitung”, March 15, 2007
Music that rushes from a soul
Festival „Weiler String Time” presented the Ukrainian folk band „Hudaki” for German public.
1400 km from Weil on Rhein, place where three countries meet, there is Nyzhnye Selysche, a village in Transcarpathia. The visitors of festival were able to be dipped for a while in the atmosphere of that place, be heard, as local musicians play on the weddings (which can last a few days in a row), to feel the touch of the special musical whirlwind on Tuesday in a club „Old town Hall”. Band, which modestly names itself „Hudaki”, that translated simply „musicians”, is already stroked performance by itself which probably will be registered in memory of all visitors of concert for a long time. For five years the group gives worldwide concerts (...)
Music that just quietly and unnoticed winded around a stage, instantly broke into the hall with reckless. Submerged in warm light, dissolving fully in the music, musicians played popooree that contained chardash, polka, ballads, and perceptible a-capella songs. All of it brightly contrasted with the tender singing of shepherd’s flute and incomprehensible moan of violin, thin voice of guitar and pulsating rhythm of traditional tambourine.
Concert of Hudaki is more than just music. It is the real, not far-fetched, living and spontaneous presentation. But a not traditional dress does appearance truly authentic. The special role is given to the body language that is clear without any translation, and that gives the special expression for the melodies. Leading singer Katya smiles slyly, her eyes shine and look somewhere far back in the distance. She paints every note of song with her strong and eccentric voice, and carries it into the hall; and these songs succeed to convert such banal workaday life into poetic strophes.
Transcarpathia is a region on the south-west of Ukraine. It is the Ukrainian border with Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Hudaki sing about different sides of life, about the desire and dreams. By singing they retell the most ancient histories, and in such a way preserve the cultural inheritance of the region. They cause a smile at the listeners; engage them to commiseration, participation and action. They pass music in the crowds, and at the same time dissolve in the own creation. „Without the pedagogical loading”, as they say, a lighthearted, natural urge to the expression of the soul.

Daniella Buch

Le Républican Lorrain, 27.11.2006
On Saturday evening seven Ukrainians stood on the stage of “Léo Ferré” (Longwy, France). The colorful concert produced a great impression on public. Both singers, one of is only 16, have inspired the audience by the performance of “Léo Ferré”.

www.myspace.com/hudaki, 16.2.2007
Dear Friends
My friend Alexander Rybalko first introduced your music to me. I played your album in my radio program in 2004. Your music is warm, sweet and dynamic to me. You are a perfect contemporary folk ensemble.
Many greetings from Istanbul
Muammer Ketencoglu

La Provence, June 26, 2005
Those Hudaki who came from Ukraine
R.F. The Abey square was the centre of the unique meetings, especially at Friday evening. it It is hard to said by words how the spectators were impressed by the brilliant concert of the musicians who came from Ukraine: Hudaki. The character of this music from the simple people is that it is passed from a generation to a generation without every score, such a cultural heritage, which shows the emotions and suffers of Ukrainian nation. The old sad and funny ballads are competing by beauty and sensitivity with the songs, which tell about the beauty of their land, about love, friendship, sometimes about war. This group was perceived very nice, and by the way, it permitted the audience to get acquainted with the unusual music instruments, which are rare seen at such a holiday. The great surprise and the great present.

La Marseillaise, June 27, 2005
Very nice, sensitive performance of the Ukrainian group “Hudaki”, whom we’ll meet in our places soon.

Le Dauphiné Libéré, July 8, 2005
The air from Ukraine to Saint Marcel
The native roots and origins of these five musicians and Katya’s voice, the atmosphere of the rural holiday have astonished the audience, which greeted them. “Hudaki” can be translated as “musicians who are perceived not seriously”, but as a simplicity, enthusiasm, satisfaction, talent, desire, the wish to present the joy as well.

Club “Khustets Valley"
90440 village Nyzhnye Selyshche
e-mail: info[at]hudaki.org
tel: (+380) 97 512 97 98

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