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Journeys... Concerts... Projects... 2018

Privit vsim - hi everybody!
Listen some tracks from our new CD "YO!" on our soundcloud:

Some impressions from one of our concert in Lviv, December 2014 >>>



Future concerts >>>




Rekity, 2018

December 2013, Kiev - Hudaki Village Band sings for a wall of steel faces

Come My Dear, February 2013, by Ivan Sautkin

Wedding in Bukovina, 1940, music by HUDAKI VILLAGE BAND

Video "Pipka"... Ivan Sautkin, 2010

Our first music video...
Images: Yuri Kazakov and Ivan Sautkin (Kiev), Final cut: Cédric Zoenen and Yuri Kazakov (Brussels), Sound: Jeff Levillain (Brussels).
Shooted in the village Vodycya, Transcarpathia, July 2007

and one more...:


Multi-media projects
Hudaki performances can be accompanied with visual information:
Documental film of Jara Malevez (Switzerland, Stans; 2005) about life of one Transcarpathian village of Lopuhovo.
The photo exhibition of the famous Ukrainian photographer Aleksander Glyadyelov (Kyiv) about everyday life of Lopuhovo village. (Photoreport from 2003 - 2005)

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HUDAKI Village Band
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Welcome to HUDAKI VILLAGE BAND from Nyzhnye Selyshche, in Ukrainian Carpathians. Here you'll be whirled into the dance by the emotional and sensitive melodies which never loose its local roots.

A lot of recent videos on our youtube-channel >>>

Rekity - Music short, realized by Anna Buryachkova, Kyiv >>>