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YO! recorded at Egan Irish Pub’s vault cellar, Uzhhorod in 2017 by Vitaliy Levshakov. Mix and mastering: Denis Yambor, Bambrafone in ZvukoTsekh, Kyi
Sound producer: Anna Ohrimchuk
Photo: Oleksandr Glyadyelov
Design: Sonia Nechitaylo. Print: Blank Press, Kyiv

Special thanks to Anatol Sokolov and the staff of Egan Irish Pub, Uzhhorod.

  1. Wading Down the River
  2. I was Riding
  3. A Tall Girl
  4. Like to Others so to Us
  5. I’ve Been Drinking Three Days
  6. Did not I Tell You
  7. Don’t Hug
  8. From Khust to Sighet
  9. Rekity
  10. Let’s Drink, Boys
  11. Mariko Humiliated Me
  12. Mariko, Do You Hear Me
  13. Gooni (The Shepherd’s Fur Jacket)
  14. The Danube Fish
  15. Hey Sura, Surata (Dance of Manyo’s Band)
  16. The Black Goat
  17. Dana Maye Dana

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